What started your journey?

When I was a teenager and my parents were “correcting” my behavior I was never grounded from friends or tv. I was always grounded from books. My parents had found what motivated me and not having access to books was painful.  
My journey started with Trixie Belden. It was the book/series that got me hooked on reading. Jim was one of my first crushes and who didn’t want to be brave and fearless like Trixie or have a group of friends like the Bobwhites of the Glen? I still re-read these books and have found some fan fiction on the web and read those. 
As time went on I found that my favorite books were ones that had mystery and suspense with romance, maybe a ghost or some time travel, and a happily ever after ending. I visited far off places with Madeline Brent and Victoria Holt, the Civil War and Revolutionary War with Ann Rinaldi, pivotal times in US History with the girls of Sunfire Romance and experienced first love with Beverly Cleary.  I loved the Sunfire romance books so much I named my youngest daughter after one of them. And Wait Until Helen Comes? It was deliciously spooky to a 5th grade me. That book is still one of our more popular checkouts at my library. 
All the books above were favorites and have been well loved with the exception of one. I replaced Time Enough for Drums this year after loaning my original copy out and then forgetting who borrowed it. 
I’ve tried to share my love of reading with my kids and have succeeded with 1 out of 3. But I’ll never give up on the other 2! 
What were your favorite books growing up? What was the book that started the journey for you? Comment below, I’d love to know!!
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