Out of the Storm


B.J. Daniels

General Fiction, Romance

Published December 29, 2020 by HQN

She can’t lose him again…

One look at his warm brown eyes and Kate Jackson knows she’s found her husband. It’s been twenty years since Daniel was declared dead in a refinery explosion, but Kate never gave up hope, convinced he was somewhere out there, suffering from amnesia. Then, on a trip to Buckhorn, Montana, she sees him—working as a carpenter, scarred, but still her Danny. Yet Jon Harper, as he calls himself, insists he’s a stranger.

Jon is certain he’s not the man Kate’s looking for. Though some of his memories are lost in shadow, how could he ever forget a woman like that? One thing Jon’s instinct does tell him is that she’s in danger from the very person she should trust most. Helping loyal, lovely Kate will mean exposing his own perilous past…but it’s the only way to protect her and this new chance at forever…

My Thoughts:

I really liked this book. Some of the twists and turns I saw coming, but a few surprised me too. You get to know the characters pretty well although I felt the character of Jon could have been developed a little bit better. If we had more of his thoughts and backstory, instead of this mysterious “strong and almost completely silent” guy, their relationship would have flowed better.

My one big complaint is how the book started. From the first paragraph you are dropped into a fast moving story. There is no “set the scene” lead in, just boom you are off and running. If B.J. Daniels had done a prologue where we went through the last day with Kate and Danny, saw their devotion to each other, examples of their love and life, and what it was like when Kate learned of the explosion, I think the reader would have been better prepared to believe Kate’s 20 year devotion and unwillingness to move on. Chapter 1 could have started with the header, “20 years later….”

One scene is for mature audiences although it’s easily skipped since it was short. (I don’t feel like I missed anything by skipping it) Other than that, it’s a clean read.

Thank you to #edelweiss and #BJDaniels for allowing me to read the book. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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